Craft Beer.

The Atlantic has a great article about the success of craft beer over the last decade. As an ardent fan of small craft breweries it’s delightful to read of their success against the duo-headed behemoth InBev and MillerCoors. I suspect that the craft beer market will cool at some point, and there will be contraction, perhaps with a number of craft breweries going out of business or getting bought out by the big players…we’ve already seen this to a degree already. Where it really get’s interesting, is the legalization of weed. I think InBev and Coors are more worried about that then the craft breweries. We’ll see.

Reading again.

I’ve been on a tear of good books lately. Currently, reading All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doer. Excellent book thus far.

I got a copy of Artemis over Christmas. This is Andy Weir’s second novel after “The Martian”. An easy and enjoyable read - albeit somewhat shallow. I enjoyed the technical details quite a bit, the challenges of surviving on a moon base are interesting to read. The rest of the book was OK.

So Apt.

Why does this make me smile so?

A new begining.

Trying to get my website going for the upteenth time. No longer self-hosting, I’ve got a virtual server in “the cloud”. Dropped Wordpress, and am trying a static site generator, in this case Hugo. It seems fast, I just need to learn how to use it.